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Track Airpods with Qase.

Lost causes can’t be found. Thankfully, with Qase, lost AirPods can be! Whether you want to listen to your favorite songs, take a video conference call, or talk to a friend but you’ve misplaced your AirPods, they’re only one click away from FINDING them! 👀

Ring Ring Ring! Your Qase Comes With a Free Bluetooth Tracker!

FOR A LIMITED TIME, we are including a free bluetooth tracker (Tile Mate) with your order. QASE is designed to hold the most popular bluetooth finder, Tile Mate. You can locate your AirPods case up to 200 feet away! Left your pods in the back of a Uber? Don't worry because if any of the 5 million Tile users come within 200 feet, a mobile app will update you of it's location.

Lost again? Find Your AirPods (Pro) Anywhere

Store and monitor your AirPods securely with Qase, a silicone case that stores your Tile Mate bluetooth tracker* for locating misplaced AirPods.